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One day after the murder-suicide, police received a tip from a person who said they had seen a woman in a trench coat, hat, sunglasses and a possible wig scoping out the house with binoculars. In secret, however, she had been planning revenge. Mom Allegedly Strangled and Dismembered Her, Searched 'How to Get Away with Murder', discovering the bodies of his mistress and estranged wife, shooting her husband before she took her own life. ", Four weeks after he met Chapman, Mark Gerardot said the two kissed. Next, she sent him a picture of trash with a condom in the middle, which made him believe she was sifting through Chapman's trash can outside her home. The Associated Press contributed to this report. "If this was what she needed, then I was going to do that. Then, finally, he received more text messages. After her husband. He also has a website for his book. RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA - The woman who killed her husband's alleged lover and herself in a Radnor Township home in April took dramatic measures to put an end to the apparent affair plaguing her. Mark Gerardot was supposed to meet Chapman for a date but went to her house when she didnt show up, police believe. The killer targeted three elites in the area, including Ronald Kirby and Nancy Dunnin Dr. David Spiegel has testified in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case. Mark has since published a book called Irreparable: Three Lives. Jennair Gerardot murder-suicide of love rival Meredith Chapman. He was 25 and she was 23, and together the two would cement a bond that began in adolescence and carried them into adulthood. "She was very excited. ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. April 26, 2018 / 12:39 PM Moreover, Mark and Jennair also went to a lawyer to take a divorce. His wife and the woman he had been having an affair with were both found dead, their bodies lying on the kitchen floor. | On January 9, 2022 04:18 PM. Depp had rece Top 10 Highest Paid Female Model In The World, Teams That Won The Stanley Cup In The Last 10 Years. King Charles ' coronation on May 6 falls on his grandson's birthday. Accepting the job required Mark to briefly leave Jennair behind in South Carolina, where they were living at the time. It was in fact his wife Jennair Gerardot who had shot his girlfriend Meredith Chapman before killing herself. Dentist Accused of Poisoning Wife Allegedly Drugged Her Years Ago, Had Pornography Addiction, A Woman Had Happy Childhood Memories of Her 'Loving' Dad. #GoingNova #HigherEdMarketing#NewAdventures." SCAM'. 2. Here is everything you need to learn. He said he has driven past Chapman's home several times and that doing so has helped him come to terms with what happened so that he can let it go. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Georgia Brown Lifestyle Writer London. I was dumbfounded., He tried to explain to ABC why he had the affair. He didn't know that this would also be the beginning of the end of his marriage. Mark graduated from the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a bachelors degree in Design. In the Spirit of Giving, there's no charge. When police responded to a call of shots fired at a home in the wealthy, quiet suburbs of Philadelphia known as the Main Line, one of the first people they came upon was Mark Gerardot. "She was so articulate and so energetic and passionate about the job and accomplished at her age to be in the position that she was in. The incident was also premeditated, according to the police investigation. Jennair had broken into Meredith's home in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, on April 23, 2018, and waited for her to return from work. She was also a former Delaware State senate candidate. Mark Gerardot told Dr. Oz that his estranged wife, Jennair, had a . "In my opinion, there was something about listening in on the tapes that triggered rage and wound her up," Ludwig said. During that time, he said he got to know Chapman well. One of my favorite photos of my lovely wife, Mark Gerardot wrote with the above photo of Jennair on her Facebook page. "We don't really receive those types of calls," he said. Click here for more from the Associated Press, and here for ABC's coverage on the love triangle. "You ruined my life," one text message said, according to Mark Gerardot. Moreover, he continues to work in marketing and is now the founder and CEO of Intrepid Brand Consulting in Los Angeles, California. What police characterized as a murder suicide played out in chilling fashion on April 23, 2018 in the Radnor Township, Pennsylvania home of Meredith Chapman, 33, a vivacious marketing professional, former television reporter, and once candidate for state Senate. As of 2019, Jennair Gerardots husband, Mark Gerardot is living at San Diego, California and working as creative director for AMResorts. There is no information about his family details as he has the details concerning it under wraps. Here comes Meredith. Mark Gerardots net worth is estimated to be at $8 million. Jennair shot Meredith and then herself. Sullivan, 33, was killed at her Radnor Township home in April 2018 by Jennair Gerardot, the wife of a man with whom she had been having an affair with. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. He is of American nationality having a white ethnic background. Sisk Family Shot Dead, Steve Kroft Retires from 60 minutes. "I couldn't imagine not being with her for the rest of my life. On the night of April 23, 2018, Mark and Jennair Gerardot were supposed to meet for dinner to discuss divorce agreements. Shes just telling me such a different story, that Im good at what I do. Mark Gerardot is 51 years old and from Greater San Diego, USA. Jennair even emailed her family a letter explaining why she was doing it. Something gone undiagnosed by her psychologist, our marriage therapist and her clinical psychiatrist. On LinkedIn, Mark Gerardot wrote that he previously cofounded and led successful brand strategy, design and marketing firm for 10 years. The company was called Gerardot & Co. "We were happy," Gerardot said. Officials believe Jennair Gerardot may have disguised herself and taken a train from Delaware, since a wig and other clothing not belonging to Chapman were found in a bag inside the house. And this was a calculated, planned attack. But he soon realized that he also couldn't give up on the feelings he was developing for Chapman, who he said had told him she was nine years into an unhappy marriage. He began visiting her regularly, and one day, he said she pressed him to make a move. Furthermore, he is a co-founder of the marketing firm known as Gerardot & Co. She was afraid of me walking in first. She broke into the home, cleaning up the glass to disguise the break-in, and waited, the newspaper reported. The Team At Daily Voice Wants To Help. "She finally asked me, What is up with you? Mark's present occupation is listed as a President . "She told me she wanted to understand the degree to which Meredith and I were in the relationship," Mark Gerardot said. Shes on the side of the YouDee VanMeredith was also a UD cheerer.. As a candidate, Jason has been to every neighborhood in our district. At the time, according to her now-defunct LinkedIn page, Jennair was a student in her early 20s at Butler University. Heres this woman who I think is amazing saying that she thinks Im a wonderful man.. "I just transferred to Delaware in December for my Husband's new job, and he's telling me he wants a divorce," Gerardot, of Wilmington, wrote on Nextdoor about Mark Gerardot, according to Delaware Online. As per his wiki, Mark Gerardot was born in 1968 in the United States of America. ", Before Jennair Gerardot had even made it to Delaware, her husband and Chapman had already expressed their love for each other. He also started traveling. "While her marriage to Luke had come to an end, it was gratifying to know that their separation and divorce was amicable, that they remained friends and confidants, and that each of them cared very much for the other," the statement said. "I get the sense that all of this was done to make him suffer. What could I have done differently? Jennair listed a series of marketing jobs on her LinkedIn page, including working as a marketing manager for a company in South Carolina, working as a marketing manager and operations manager for Gerardot & Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana, and working as a project manager and marketing services manager in other positions. You ruined my life, said one. 4. She then shot Meredith before killing herself in a brutal murder-suicide.Mark then discovered that Jennair had purchased a lockpicking device, surveillance equipment, DNA testing kits, and GPS tracking systems with fresh credit cards he was unaware of. One professional who recommended Jennair on LinkedIn described her as having a great personality and said she was a valuable asset., FacebookA photo on Meredith Chapmans Facebook page, Chapman described herself on Facebook as Creative, loving, fun, energetic. Mark also works as a marketing volunteer for Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. According to, Jennair Gerardot disguised herself by donning a wig, and took a train from Delaware to Radnor, where Chapman lived. I was kind of tongue-tied; I couldn't even speak.". Mark Gerardot said he told Mulvey to call 911. Mark Gerardot, who worked as a creative director, reported to Chapman at the University of Delaware. After learning of his extramarital affair, Jennair, his wife, shot Meredith and killed herself. I dont play a musical instrument. She said specifically, Its Meredith, isnt it?'. Meanwhile, Marks acknowledged affair became an obsession for Jennair. Jennair Gerardots Husband Mark Gerardot Bio, Married, Children, Net Worth, Update, Steve Kroft Married Life With Wife Jennet Conant. / CBS/AP. In a private letter that he wrote to Chapman, he said he mentions that it should have been him, not her, who died. The affair officially took place after a drink in 2017. Fans are now speculating if she has plastic surgery. Tim Mulvey, one of Chapman's neighbors, was there when Mark Gerardot arrived at the house. Radnor Township police said Chapman . From that moment on, the relationship between Mark and Jennair Gerardot would fall apart at an accelerated pace. View the profiles of people named Mark Gerardot. Although he initially thought it was an anti-theft device within the lapel, he cut it open and discovered that it was actually a recording device and that, with its light flashing, it was recording him at that very moment. When Mumbai Indians take on Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday, April 30 in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the contest will be doubly special for captain Rohit Sharma. The wife knew about it, and this was a calculated, planned attack," Police Superintendent William Colarulo said. Following the incident, he left his job at the University of Delaware. According to NBC10, Gerardot had participated in weapons training and tracked her husband's movementst prior to the incident. Moving towards his educational background, Mark Gerardot got his Bachelors degree in design from the University of St. Francis. After confronting him, she started collecting proof of their affair by gaining access to Marks phone without his knowledge and placing recording devices on him in order to listen to his conversations. On April 23, 2018, Jennair Gerardot broke into the home of her husband's lover and shot her to death before turning the gun on herself. Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist who has studied homicide within marriages and read Jennair Gerardot's letter, suggested that Jennair may have been pushed to kill Chapman and herself because losing the love of her life was something she could not tolerate. Mark and Jennair Gerardot were happily married until Mark landed a new job in Delaware. Meanwhile, Chapman, who had been offered a job at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, moved to Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, which is part of the Main Line region. Your Local News for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Are You Running A Local Business? In the end of it all, Mark Gerardots wife, Jennair Gerardot and Chapman, the wife of a city councilman, lay dead. But after questioning him and finding the gun used in the two deaths underneath Jennair Gerardots body, the police determined that she had broken into Chapmans home before murdering her and then killing herself. Gerardot wrote that early in my career, I realized something that changed my outlook on what I did for a living. I wish I could take it back.. Eventually, Mark wanted a divorce, and after the initial shock, he felt that Jennair dealt with it well. She was a political advocate, writing, in her most visible public Facebook post, For the last six years, Lukes served on Newark City Council and has been a strong advocate for our neighbors and City. Mark was having an affair with a younger woman, while he was still in a marital relationship. Sold or given away, he wrote. 2018 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. The affair between Mark and Meredith had started with shared emotional intimacies over drinks in late 2017, soon after Meredith hired Mark for a job in the marketing department at the University of Delaware, where Meredith then worked. Mark 49 was fifteen younger than her girlfriend, Mark Gerardot,33. She would do anything for Mark.". Apr 2018 - Oct 20191 year 7 months. Later in an interview, Mark admitted he was smitten by the beauty and personality of Meredith Chapman after she hired him to work under her in the marketing department. He wrote this with the introduction for it: I have spent many sleepless nights and months, desperately trying to piece it all together. Kitchen knife. She was involved in other political campaigns in addition to her social media and marketing work for universities. But in my experience, it almost always means removing unnecessary clutter and cutting through the marketing BS, he added. RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA The woman who killed her husband's alleged lover and herself in a Radnor Township home in April took dramatic measures to put an end to the apparent affair plaguing her marriage, including training with weapons and tracking her husband's movements, according to a new report. On April 10, Ill be voting Jason Lawhorn For Newark, and I hope my neighbors will be doing the same. he said. Authorities revealed that Jennair Gerardot texted her husband a series of messages in which she laid out how she planned to kill the woman with whom he was having an affair, according to Delaware Online. One Story that Has to Be Told. He believes that talking about what happened in his life would help others who might be in similar situations. Near Feb. 14, 2018, Valentine's Day, Jennair Gerardot finally received the confirmation she'd been looking for. He brings fresh ideas to the table and backs them up with original, fresh and expert design. Kelly Reilly, whose full name is Jessica Kelly Siobhan Reilly is a well-known actress who Sebastian Sepulveda Roman was a 19-year-old boy who was involved in Millenia Mall Shooting. Mark Gerardot said she kept tabs on him, and that she mysteriously knew things about him and Chapman.

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